Listing of Videotaped Events

The following are events for which we have provided video services.  This gives you an idea of the types of events we have done recently and over the years.

Description  Date
Magnificat Joy of Boston, Catholic Women’s breakfast  
Boston Catholic Men’s and Women’s Conferences 2004-2010
Worcester Catholic Men’s Conference, DCU Center 2000-2013
Masters of Arts Ministry Saint Johns Seminary Brighton  
"Co-workers in the Vineyard" Conference and breakout sessions  
Servants of Christ Ministries, Situate MA  
First Holy Communions  St Patrick's Church, Stoneham MA  
Carmelite Congress Conference Boston, Woburn MA 2012
School of the Holy Spirit teachings  (In season and out of season)  
Day’s of Glory Charismatic Catholic Conference Woburn MA 2012
Apostles of Peace Marian Catholic Conference Weymouth 2013
Montrose High school graduation ceremony, Holliston, MA 2012
St John’s school Cabaret musical concert Attleboro MA 2011-2012
Marriage preparation classes for engaged couples Archdiocese of Boston  
Guy’s and Doll’s musical concert, South middle school Braintree 2012
John Horrigan School of Music Recital, Whitman, MA 2006-2012
East Celebrity Elite Cheerleading Competition, Providence RI 2011-2012